Atlantis Managers Spared Mandatory Down Time

With the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island experiencing an upswing in bookings, the company's President and Managing Director George Markantonis said that unlike last year, the managers at the company will not be required to take a mandatory two-week unpaid vacation in 2010.

Last year, approximately 2,500 non-unionized workers were instructed to take unpaid leave as a cost-cutting measure to assist the company as it struggled with low occupancy levels.

Now, with bookings at the property up 35 percent ahead of last year's pace, and a strong summer predicted, Markantonis said during a recent news conference, "There is no need for managers to take the mandatory time off."

However, Markantonis explained that many managers welcomed the program.

"I will tell you an interesting thing about that," he said. "That started from myself and went all the way down. Some of us really enjoyed it. Some people were quite happy with it (and) they asked us for it (again)."

For that reason, Markantonis said that the company would allow some managers to take the extra time off.

"So this year we said 'if anyone would like to do it, as long as it fits into our business climate and it's entirely voluntary, we're going to grant it', which we normally wouldn't have done in the previous years, because we can't have people out. And quite a few have signed up, whether it's for sabbaticals or they want to go and do something special with the kids or do something at school."

Source: The Nassau Guardian