Wyndham Has Future As Boutique Hotel

The true scale of the physical transformation that the $2.6 billion Baha Mar will bring to the Cable Beach area has been unveiled by its top brass.

And one familiar sight on West Bay street will definitely change, with the Wyndham to become a smaller hotel after two towers are ripped down to make way for the mega-resort.

Baha Mar Resorts said it was currently searching for a number of hotel operators to get on board the project, to provide a multi-layered choice of price and standard of accommodation. Inspiration for the boutique hotel include names such as Four Seasons or the highly successful USA hotel chain W, which operates luxury boutique properties.

Senior Vice President of External Affairs for Baha Mar Resorts, Robert 'Sandy' Sands, said the Bahamar plan was very similar to the vision of Sarkis Izmirlian back in 2005 with some "minor tweaking" which includes there being no marina in the masterplan now, something which sparked environmental concern when it was first mooted.

Sands said: "The unique thing about the Bahamar resort is that we are going to have a five-star property, a casino property, a convention property, and then we are going to have a boutique trendy property, there will be the Wyndham and there will be the Sheraton.

"That tells you that not only have we introduced multiple brands but we will also have multiple price points, so we will be catering to the different tastes of many persons. We will have multiple food and beverage offerings, for the varied clientele who will be attracted to this venue.

"The Wyndham will be staying as a smaller property, it is anticipated that two towers will come down, to make way for a boutique hotel at that location.

"We had announced previously that all of our brand partner would be Starwood, and we would have different levels of Starwood Hotels throughout the project.

"We have adjusted that position and we will now have multiple brands within this complex.

"We have not identified which ones they are going to be, but idea is that we have multiple brands bringing multiple competitive marketing entities, and that will auger well for the future of this project."

As well as looking for hotel partners Baha Mar Resorts are also in the process of identifying a casino partner, with Sands saying: "The environment hasn't been the best to source a casino partner and we are continuing to look for a partner."

Source: The Nassau Guardian