Trends Are Looking Up For Hotels


Trendline Shows Hotels Moving Towards 2008 Performance Levels

Most of the nation's hoteliers reported significant declines in key performance indicators in 2009 but expressed considerable optimism in seeing gradual improvements which started during the last quarter of 2009 continuing in 2010 as reported in the Bahamas Hotel Association's Annual Industry Performance and Outlook survey.
"The industry is stabilizing and we are beginning to see increasing levels of confidence by hoteliers and a belief that things are getting better" states BHA President Robert Sands who indicates that "this is most evident in projections for improvements in sales, occupancy, room rates and capital spending as well as a stabilization of employment levels.  When benchmarked against our performance reports of 2008, projections for 2010 show that we are moving in the right direction following a most difficult 2009" adds Sands.

The survey which was conducted during January, 2010 is undertaken annually to assist BHA and public and private sector stakeholders with gaining a better understanding of the state of the tourism economy, its outlook, and the degree to which a number of factors are affecting or may affect businesses and the economy. Recommendations were also solicited to provide direction to BHA in planning its program priorities and activities.
The findings are based upon responses from 26 hotels representing a cross-section of large and small hotels from Nassau-Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and the Out Islands.  These hotels have a combined 6,866 licensed rooms and 10,663 employees.