New Plans To Jumpstart Tourism In 2010

Tourism's delay in unveiling its new 2010 brand has not hampered it any from launching a new ad campaign offering free companion airfare — a move being billed as the hottest deal of the season.

According to a spokesman in the ministry, the move would better position The Bahamas against increasing competition in terms of attracting visitors and at the same time lift slumping visitor numbers.

"It would help us with better pricing," the employee told Guardian Business. "And that's always important."

Indeed, the ministry is offering free companion airfare to all travelers who book vacations by March 3rd of four nights at any of 40 participating properties around the country. It's an initiative in conjunction with the hotels and the ministry where all the flight costs - with the exception of taxes - are completely taken care of.

"It's a private public sector collaboration," said the spokesperson. "So we're not taking the full brunt of it, but worked it into the cost of the hotel room [and] it's amortized that way."

Its follows November air arrivals throughout The Bahamas declining by 8.4 percent during the normally active month, even as total visitors to the country hit the 1 million mark.

Source: The Nassau Guardian