New US & Caribbean Routes Planned For Bahamasair

The national airline of The Bahamas is planning more expansion in 2010 with new routes and extra services to the Southern United States and the Caribbean.

Speaking to The Nassau Guardian, Henry Woods, Managing Director of Bahamasair, said that this expansion would be on top of the recently announced expansion into Cuba and Haiti.

He said: "We have some ideas which we are not in a position to go public with just yet but we know with increasing competition that we have to look to expand our service.

"We have recently talked about Cuba and Haiti, we have already increased our service to Cuba from two to three flights because it is a growing market.

"We are also looking at the Southern United States and the Caribbean, we are also thinking about a few more routes and some expanded services.

"For example Providenciales is looking good for us, but there is still much to be decided."

Source: The Nassau Guardian