Grand Isle Resort Appoints New Manager

Grand Isle Resort & Spa has appointed Bahamian Shervin Penn as resort manager of its $100 million, luxurious 78 condo villa resort located at Emerald Bay, Great Exuma.

James Clabaugh, president of EGI Ltd, developers of the luxury property, said: "We are pleased to announce the promotion of Assistant Manager Shervin Penn to the post of resort manager.

"We know that a new era is dawning for Exuma and we believe that Shervin's appreciation of how important a superior visitor experience is will help Grand Isle retain its standing among repeat discerning guests and the many new visitors that Sandals will be bringing to Exuma."

Penn trained with the Hilton brand before being lured to Exuma in 2007. Since then, he has trained under Tracy Stoltz, who earlier this month accepted a job in Hawaii after several years with Grand Isle. It was Stoltz who recommended Penn, a choice the developers supported.

"For any developer, finding a qualified Bahamian to fill a post is the ideal situation and we have been committed to that from the beginning, even during construction," said Clabaugh.

EGI Ltd searched various Family Islands and New Providence for the best carpenters, electricians, tile layers and other skilled laborers and artisans. A plaque naming all the Bahamian sub-contractors who contributed to the project hangs in the reception area.

Nestled atop the highest ridge of Emerald Bay, the sprawling 12-acre, lushly landscaped exclusive resort now features newly constructed full service spa.

For Penn, who grew up in Nassau, the experience has been a dream come true.

"I am excited to be given the opportunity to showcase my expertise at the helm of a magnificent resort such as Grand Isle," said Penn.

"The staff is always willing to make the effort to continually raise the level of service we offer our guests and it has been a pleasure being a part of such a dynamic team. Knowing that the principals of the resort realized my potential is indeed humbling and of that, I am appreciative for the opportunity."

Prior to his time at Grand Isle, Penn spent seven years at the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau and preceding that, he pursued a Marketing degree working briefly in that field.

Source: The Nassau Guardian