Atlantis Uses Star Power To Stay On Top


Atlantis has come up with a star formula for driving up its business, using big name entertainment acts to boost numbers in the wake of a recession-fuelled drop in conference bookings.

In the past year the hotel complex has played host to the Jonas Brothers, Jordan Sparks, Miley Cyrus and, next week, is preparing to welcome Carrie Underwood, the American Idol winner turned country music sensation.

She'll be followed in January next year by comedian Jerry Seinfield.

Speaking to The Nassau Guardian Ed Fields, Senior Vice-President, Public Affairs, said that moving into entertainment had proven to be a successful way of filling the void left by the drop in group bookings, as companies cut back on their expenditure.

Fields said: "Staging these big acts have been a real success story and have proven to be a way of driving the business and getting 'heads in beds'.

"The economic climate makes you assess what you do currently and what else you can do to bring people in and this has been very worthwhile. After we hosted Miss Universe it showed us that we can stage these types of world class events and now we are going for the biggest names in the business. We have a couple of acts lined up for next year who we can't reveal just yet but they are very exciting prospects."

One example of the lift in business was the Jonas Brothers whose visit saw room occupancy lift to 90 per cent.

Fields said: "The entertainment acts have been good both for tourists and for locals who have the chance to come and see these stars perform live.

"One of the benefits of the trade agreement we signed with the U.S. was that American companies could get tax credits for conferences held here, but in the current climate we have seen a drop-off in group business. Thankfully our entertainment strategy has made up for some of the shortfall." 

Source: The Nassau Guardian