Business Operation Support

Business operation support is important for the purpose of producing value for the stakeholders. ...BHA has provided a number of useful tools to for those supporting tasks.  Select from the tools below to view and download tools you can use:

7 Powerful Tips For Lasting Motivation And Greater Success - Tips to help you stay motivated and to achieve much more

50 COMMON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - A interview process guide to assist both the employer and potential employee.

BHA STEMM Green Health Check List

Best Personal Branding Tips- Tips that can be used to motivate employees to be remembered and remarkable

Business Plan Template- Template that can be used by hotels to create a business plan

Customer Service Workbook- Workbook designed to aid in improving the quality and delivery of customer service

E-Commerce Marketing - eMarketing for small to mid-sized hotels

Food Checklist for Hotels - Food tracking form

Hospitality Assured 10 Keys Steps - Customer Satisfaction Accreditation Process

Maximizing Customer Experience - Optimizing Customer Experiences

Sanitation & Safety Guidelines for Food & Beverage Department - Guidelines for employees that handle food

Standards Checklist for Hotel - BHA/STEMM Product Standards Checklist For Hotels


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